I wrote an article last year, just after Yorkshire day (August 1st), pointing out the lack of recognition and support it seemed to get; on the street you’d have been forgiven for thinking it was just another day!

A year later, I am wondering what to expect and whether it will be any better supported and celebrated this time.  I suspect not. Why are we so backwards and coming forwards these days?

I can’t understand this. And would like to suggest it is a date and an event that the county; it’s leaders, institutions and people should grab with both hands and make the most of. There seems to me a real lack of tradition these days and Yorkshire day provides a great one, one that could be recognised everywhere as symbolic of the characteristics we in Yorkshire are known for but too often forget, top of the list being pride of where we come from.

As a proud Yorkshireman myself, I will be wearing my white rose, of course. But I’d like to see everyone wearing one, or versions of it. White clothes, white bunting in shops, our kids doing activities in school to celebrate the day. What about business getting organised and turning Yorkshire day into a sales promotion to generate business and tourism, or our public transport decorating their buses and trains, the taxis giving free rides to pensioners…the potential is endless and it costs next to nothing. It just needs organisation and someone to take the lead.

Yorkshire is a great county and should stand out from the crowd. Yorkshire day is way to do and a tradition in the making that and should not be missed. If you are or know a Yorkshire councillor, an MP, a business owner or school teacher, give them a nudge. There’s still a couple of weeks to get something organised. If you are in or from Yorkshire, wear a white rose or something white to let everyone else know you care and that you are proud to be from God’s own country.

I hope to raise this issue at the Yorkshire Party’s summer conference in Bridlington this coming Saturday, 15th June (you don’t need to be a member to attend I believe). I know there are more ‘serious’ issues to consider but not many more important, in my opinion, since it’s all about reminding ourselves and telling the world who and what we are.

Here’s hoping for a blaze of white glory everywhere on 1st August.

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