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I am Philip Bell, an international marketeer with decades of experience in senior management, now using my unique expertise and a tried and trusted network of partners and contacts around the world to provide clients with the strategic advice they need and the practical help they want to grow their business internationally.

Wherever in the world you are and whatever it is you need doing in whichever market you need it done, my approach is ‘keep it simple’ and ‘attention to detail’ to make business happen and achieve the best possible outcome.


A creative approach to business development and international trade.

I have no reservation in recommending Philip Bell to any other companies that strive for excellence in their activities.

Sayed Al Shahab

Marketing Director, Colgate Palmolive Arabia

He’s the most creative person I have met in this country…with real imagination and practical business ideas.

Marcel Martin

Country Manager, Coca Cola CEE

In my opinion you represent a customer’s CTQ (critical to quality) driven management style…you are obviously very professional.

Esther Szabo

Public Affairs Leader CEE, GE


A career working with top companies around the world teaches you a thing or two, and the benefits are provided in all the services I offer. On their own or combined they all have something in common because everything I do, directly or indirectly, is done with the aim of achieving tangible results as cost-effectively as possible.

Management Consultancy

Working with you at home or abroad, my time, experience, expertise and contacts are available to guide you, your actions and inform your decisions. From providing the specialist help you need to address specific issues, to giving you short-term tactical advice or providing you with strategic management input over time.

Market Research

Accurate information and insight can mean the difference between success and failure. I can provide the qualitative and quantitative information needed to make informed decisions using one-on-one meetings, focus groups, surveys or desk and field research, and provide the analysis and all important professional opinion that must go with it.

Sales and Marketing

Entering a market is one thing but successfully selling products and services in it is another and inevitably requires a comprehensive sales, marketing and communications plan which I can provide, including salesforce organisation, brand and message development, online and offline promotion and effective customer relations management post-sales to achieve your business objectives.

Interim Management

If you need more than just a safe pair of hands to cover a colleague’s absence or manage a project on your behalf, I can bring an intelligent hands-on approach and many years of experience to bare, working inside or outside your organisation, alone or as part of a team, to achieve the required result.

Due Dilligence and Troubleshooting

For a variety of reasons companies can find themselves in disputes with trading partners but when it’s with someone in a different country it can be very difficult to resolve. It’s better to avoid problems in the first place with due diligence to reduce risk, but when things do go wrong my international experience, objectivity and contacts on the ground can help.

Other Services

For more information on Sourcing, Bespoke Trade Missions, and Representation please get in touch


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Overcoming the Obstacles of International Trade.

International trade has never been easier. Perceived barriers are more than ever just that, perceived, not real. ‘The demand is out there’ for sure, and British quality is a key selling point. Only confidence is missing and with the right help and support, that too is now on hand for those with the ambition to try.
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Who can you trust these days?

I just downloaded a copy of the Global Economic Prospects (2017) report by The World Bank. Not the lightest of reading but interesting for those of us with an interest in international trade.
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A great alternative to government trade missions: non-government trade missions.

Many UK businesses will be considering a trade mission in 2018. A trade mission can be a key instrument in developing overseas business, but how effective a trade mission is remains inconclusive. Immediate benefits are often not forthcoming for those taking part and so it is indirect results, sometime after, that are used to justify them.
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Time for the Government to make the positive case for Brexit.

The Vote Leave campaign won the referendum war, but are Brexiteers losing the peace? Each day we see a barrage of media stories citing the difficulties of Brexit. And in recent weeks, we’ve seen the same old Project Fear-style economic analysis rising like a phoenix...
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Yorkshire Day is approaching. Why don’t we do more to support it?

I wrote an article last year, just after Yorkshire day (August 1st), pointing out the lack of recognition and support it seemed to get; on the street you’d have been forgiven for thinking it was just another day! A year later, I am wondering what to expect and whether...
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